Buying MPO Certifier: Read this first!

Recently I was in Singapore for a Fiber workshop on MPOLx (Tier-1 Certification), and I got the fascinating insight into MPO Connectors Contamination, which you all might find helpful. Pls, refer to the image.

MPO Connectors

So, even if you do successful Tier-1 Certification on MPO Links, there’s high chance that contaminations on connector could make it unreliable, leading frequent link failures. I’m sure; this is a serious issue for any MPO Testing you all are planning to do in future projects.

Now, you may ask, why MPO Connectors are different, with such low probability of cleanliness?

To dig further, you need to understand the architecture of MPO Connectors. I suggest you refer to Viavi perspective blog on MPO Connectors.  The bottom line is, MPO Connectors are different from standard LC/SC connectors and if you are doing Tier-1 Certification, without MPO Inspection, it’s incomplete.

Which leads to some serious questions to think about on investing in new MPO Certifiers:

  • Do you want to spend in MPO Certifier, without MPO Inspection?
  • If you want to go ahead still, do you want MPO Certifier cover all four wavelengths(850, 1300 MM, 1310, 1550 SM), right? Would you invest massive money in MPO Certifier, which doesn’t cater to 1300 nm?
  • Further, if you still bought MPO Certifier, and it doesn’t give to length measurement, what would you do?
  • Moreover, would do continue to pay additional money every year for calibrating such tool, which even doesn’t do half of the job?

And then I’m writing a quick table for you all to understand the consequences of investing in right MPO Certifiers more clearly.


Features Viavi MPOLx Fluke MultiFiber Pro Viavi Benefits What does it mean to Contactors?
MPO Inspection Yes (less than 20 sec/connector) Not available Complete MPO Tier1 Certification, including MPO Inspection, Length and warranty, Calibration. Save Time, Money  in MPO Certification by doing full Tier-1 Certification
Length Measurement Yes (Length, Loss, Polarity) No (only Loss and Polarity)
SM/MM Wavelengths All (850, 1300, 1310, 1550 nm) No 1300 nm
Calibration Cycle 3 years 1 year
Warranty 3 years 1 year
Price Value for money and at least 30-40% Cheap than established player combined with MPO Inspection Very High without MPO Inspection, 1300 nm, length measurement. No RoI.

Any comments?




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